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Let's Get You Moving...

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Things you should know about our service:

1) There is NO cost to you.

  • First we will look through our inventory.

  • If we can not find the perfect place for you in our inventory, we will reach out to other landlords outside our network.

  • Once we find you your new home, we negotiate our service fee with your future landlord, NOT YOU.

2) You will need to fill out a profile sheet.  The more information we know about you the better chance we have of finding you the perfect home.

  • Our on-line questionnaire only takes about 3 minutes.

  • When you are ready to fill that out click the button to the left.


3) BE TRUTHFUL! We run national backgrounds on all parties involved. Having something on your background, or not so perfect credit does not disqualify you.  That info only allows us to place you with the landlord and unit that is the best fit for everyone!

  • Holding back information will only waste everyone's time.                                                            

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