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Let's Get Started...

3 items you will need ready to upload:

  1. Your photo ID

  2. Your proof of income for the most current 30 days                                                           (upload1 of the following):

    • Most recent pay stub showing your name, employer's name, and year to date gross and net income, or

    • Bank statement showing the most current deposits for the most current 30 days.  Statement must clearly show the following:

      • Your name

      • Your employer's name as the depositor for each deposit

      • The amount deposited

    • (For self employed) The previous years tax returns

  3. Credit or debit card to pay the non-refundable $39.95 application fee for each application, and the $500 holding deposit.

Next: there are TWO steps to our application process and BOTH steps need to be completed.
Step 1: Submit Holding Deposit online
Step 2: Submit Applications for all lease holders and occupants
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