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Things you should know about our service:

1) There is NO charge to you.

  • We work directly with all property managers and are compensated by the complex you choose, NOT YOU.

2) Our services.

  • We have extensive information on all Downtown leasing communities but have NO obligation to any particular complex.  

  • We work to find the community that would be perfect for YOU.

  • We keep track of all your notes and pictures in an organized shared digital file so you can easily access it from anywhere and make the best choice for YOU.

  • No more making tons of calls, trying to keep track of all the information, or being pressured by complex managers - We Make It Easy!

3) You will need to fill out a profile sheet.  The more information we know about you the better chance we have of finding you the perfect home.

  • Our on-line questionnaire only takes about 2 minutes.

  • When you are ready to fill that out click the button to the left.


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